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    Municipal Election Debate – October 10th and 11th  2018

    EWCC is pleased to provide a forum for you to participate in our municipal election debate at the Royal Canadian Legion. With so many critical issues at stake, this promises to be an exciting couple of evenings you definitely won’t want to miss. Timing will be from 7:00pm to 10:00pm each night.  Each candidate will be provided three minutes to answer seven questions that will be crafted based upon the input we receive from you completing this quick survey before October 5th: DEBATE SURVEY  


    Come out on October 10th to meet the two County Councillors and the three Mayoral candidates to be moderated by EWCC Chair Diane Nelson, and then on October 11th EWCC Board Director Chris Naraysingh will moderate the Town Councillor candidates. There will be a mid-session break where you will have an opportunity to mingle.  We look forward to seeing you at the Legion. A cash bar will be provided.

    The following people are seeking a Councillor position and have submitted the following biographies. 

    Town Councillor Candidates

    John Gainor                                                                

    As a farmer, small business owner, father of school-age children and 20-year resident, John Gainor understands the past issues and complex current issues facing residents and businesses in Erin.

    Like most parents, he worries about his children’s future and is running for council to ensure Erin remains a healthy community where people can live and work.

    John grew up on his family’s farm. He graduated university, served in the Army Reserve and later became a stockbroker and entrepreneur, starting a small restaurant and a manufacturing business. He has worked in both Toronto and New York City.

    John and his wife chose Erin to raise their family. They’ve grown hay, raised beef cattle, chickens and kept horses using traditional farming methods on their 100-acre Hillsburgh farm.  They’re now full-time beekeepers and distribute beekeeping equipment across Canada.

    John has served on the Economic Development & Heritage Committees, Skating Club and parent-teacher committee. He’s an EWCC founding member and Erin Fall Fair Platinum Supporter.

    Community participation creates vibrant towns. There are a number of ways we can reach out to new and existing residents, encouraging them to be more active in our community.

    John understands that we all want lower taxes and a better quality of life. We need a larger tax base and the tax burden shifted away from mostly residential to mostly commercial, as in other towns. Bringing business to Erin and helping existing businesses flourish can be achieved in a variety of inexpensive but effective ways. Even small changes can have a big impact. Tourism hasn’t been a priority. We must take advantage of our many assets such as the equine industry, trail system, agriculture, the arts and our proximity to Toronto. Erin’s Main Street could be invigorated by improving traffic flow with a bypass.

    Erin’s water resource must be managed and the wastewater issue addressed if we want to preserve our clean water for future generations. The status quo isn’t an option any more. We need to explore all options from traditional to new technology and choose one best suited to our unique needs. We must manage development in a way that’s economically and environmentally sustainable. As a farmer and beekeeper, John knows the consequences of not doing so.

    Visit www.votegainor.com for more details on John’s practical and effective solutions for a sustainable future or contact him with questions or comments at votegainor@gmail.com


    Cynthia Anderson Mancia

    I am a lawyer with over 25 years’ experience and believe that I have the skills needed for council.  I am a strong and effective negotiator, a good problem solver and a great listener.  I am used to conflict and I know how to find solutions.   I am not afraid to push for answers or challenge plans that don’t have the support of the folks of our Town.  As a tax payer I share the concerns about decisions that need to be made and so I am stepping up to help.  I am not obligated to anyone on council or in town and my decision-making will be independent and focused only on what’s best for the Town of Erin.  I have the necessary integrity and commitment to serve on council.

    In the next four years some very important decisions need to be made in Erin.  We need a Town Council that is committed to openness, accountability and transparency and a council that sees itself as serving the citizens of our town.  We need much better communication from Council, including holding town hall meetings and returning to a Question Period during Council meetings.  If we have a Committee created to assist council, council has to listen to what recommendations the committee is making.  I am committed to reporting on the work of council and hearing what people have to say.

    Some of the important issues that need solutions include our dealings with Halton Crushed Stone, and whether and what kind of Sewage Treatment Plant should be built.  While I support the idea of a sewage treatment plant, we need to take a sober second look at what is being proposed.  We need information about the costs and how it will be paid for.  After more than 10 years and $1.8 million dollars we have no information to date on how council plans to pay for a sewage treatment plant.  I will insist that we consider all affordable options before making any decisions. 

    We need responsible, affordable growth to maintain a vibrant community that we all can continue to live in.  We must address the massive truck traffic that is going through the villages of Erin and Hillsburgh.  We need to promote tourism and support all of our businesses, both rural and urban.

    I am committed to addressing these and all the other issues we are facing working with you, by communicating, hearing what you want, and providing leadership to make and implement the best decisions for our town.

    Cynthia Anderson Mancia    Email:  cynthiaforerincouncil@gmail.com   Ph:  647-354-4350


    John Brennan

    My wife Lorrie and I discovered Erin in 1993, and we found a tremendous quality of life and community spirit here that we treasure greatly.

    After a 30-year career with DuPont, I focused on local government, being elected to Council in 2006, 2010 and 2014.  I have served on many town committees and represented Erin on Wellington County’s Green Legacy and Economic Development Group programs, as well as the Hills of Headwaters Tourism Board and both Grand River and Credit Valley Conservation Authorities. These experiences have given me a good understanding of Erin’s needs and how we need to interact with other government levels.

    I am proud of our progress in economic development. From when the CAO and I were all there was to Erin economic development, we have implemented a plan, hired a development officer and created a real economic development committee, culminating in a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) designed to boost and expand our commercial/industrial tax base and relieve some of the burden on residential taxpayers.

    The wastewater EA process has brought us to the point of vital decisions on Erin’s future.  The majority of homes in Erin and Hillsburgh have lots too small to allow a new conventional septic system.  Tertiary systems are very expensive.  Our local businesses need holding tanks pumped out, some as often as weekly, making it difficult for them to remain financially viable and making higher prices necessary. Many industrial companies will not come here without services.

    The enrollment in our schools is below school board standards. Without some reversal of those dwindling numbers being foreseen we risk having our schools closed forcing students to be bussed to other schools or other towns. Losing our schools would make Erin a very unattractive place for people to move into. That, in turn, would lead to homes losing value and taking longer to sell.

    We will not build a system we can’t afford, but there are ways of having an affordable system that will add value and prosperity to our town. We need to ensure that the decisions for our future are made by us and no one else.

    I believe my experience, strengths and values can help form a Council that will spend its time working towards a better future for all of us. I believe “The future is not a place we are going tomorrow, it is a place we are creating today.”

    Contact Information  Email:  hejo@ca.inter.net     Phone:  519 833-7309


    Rob Smith

    Some highlights of who I am and why I’m running for councillor in 2018. I am seeking re-election this term because we are in a great period of change in Erin and we need to have control over where and how Erin gets there, having been involved in the starting stages of this journey. I have the current knowledge to help put policies in place to help our town not loose it’s small town charm and still manage growth.

     I am a community minded person and always support local initiatives, if not personally, then through our family business, Erin Auto Recyclers. We have supported, Heads Soccer, the Erin Fall Fair, Rotary Rib Fest, Rotary Feast of Hops, Erin/Hillsburgh Devils hockey, and Erin cadets annual dinner fund raiser, just to name a few.

     I am a founding member of the East Wellington Chamber of Commerce and a past recipient of the Award of distinction from the CVC for helping protect the town of Erin’s drinking water (This involved many initiatives in itself which also involved national recognition). I have sat on a number of town committees, Erin’s COPS committee, trails committee, Erin Rotary River Walk committee, and Economic development committee, The BIA and also the Environmental committee ( prior to my first term on council) .

     I made a resolution to outsource the towns water services to OCWA to save the towns water users over a million dollars over the next five years, helping stabilize the water rates for the foreseeable future and to secure reserves for future water repairs .

     My wife and I have two boys, one in Erin public school and the other just entered Erin high and we have lived in Erin for the past 18 years with both of our boys being born here. In closing, I would also like to note that I am the only candidate that actually lives in either of the urban centres of Erin or Hillsburgh and have always treated urban and rural as one. Thank you, Rob Smith. 


    Jamie Cheyne

    Growing up in Hillsburgh and helping out in the family business gave me a sense of community, a sense place and what is important to family and to those around

    you. Fast forward 45 years and that same sense of community still sticks with me. I have enjoyed being part of the community of Erin, and have joined many

    committees over the past 14 years, from the Town of Erin Heritage Committee,the Economic Development Committee, Let’s Get Hillsburgh Growing  , which

    puts on the annual Family Fun Day, to working on the Erin Fair Board, bringing you the annual Erin Fall Fair and a very successful RCMP Musical Ride. When we all

    work together , things can be accomplished.

    The Town of Erin is in the midst of some major decisions which will shape our town going forward. Growth will need to take place, but we need to make decisions based on common sense and for the whole town moving ahead.  Our schools are at risk of closing, affordable housing is not something we have in abundance and the empty-nesters have very few options to down-size to. We have very little light industrial or commercial business in town. We need to have servicing available to help remedy any and all of these issues. But it needs to be affordable, both for the Town and for those who will be connected. We will need to have all of the  options before we make any final decisions. We need to think about the next generation and how we position the town for the future ahead.

    We need a Council which will work together to create this next generation of Erin, to ensure community growth , to create the  community we all want.

    On October 22nd , vote for Common Sense, vote for Community , vote for Jamie Cheyne.

    To contact me personally call 519-939-7204 or email me at Cheyne.j61@gmail.com

    Mailing address is  9202-sideroad 24 Hillsburgh, Ont N0B-1Z0


    Mike Robins

    Susanne and I chose Erin several years ago based on its charm and the welcoming spirit of the people we met.   Susanne and I recently celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary and we have three grown sons.    I am a lifelong volunteer and was Treasurer at St. Cuthbert’s Church; on the Board of the Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton and am now on the Board of Track 3, a ski organization for kids of all abilities; Treasurer of the East Wellington Chamber of Commerce and the Secretary of the Erin Economic Development Committee. .  From a skills viewpoint, I earned a Commerce degree from Queen’s and became a Chartered Accountant and I was Chief Financial Officer for several large Canadian companies including AECL, Indigo and Sherritt and am now retired and want to contribute my time to Erin.

    If elected I will encourage managed residential growth to increase the tax payer base and reduce cost per residential tax payer.  We will plan for new housing that will attract young families who will bring children to our schools, increase access to employees for local businesses and bring customers to our vibrant downtowns.  We must increase business contribution to taxes by attracting new companies and jobs to Erin and proactively meet with business leaders to promote the advantages of investing in Erin

    My first priority will be to create a plan to deliver our vision for Erin and commit to milestones that lay out the path to success.  We will measure performance and hold leadership accountable for delivering on our promises.  The plan will include investment in waste water infrastructure to enable managed residential growth and to service business in Erin.  We need to explain the investment and financing in understandable terms.

    We need to work with the County to ensure that Erin gets its fair share of the support and services offered by the County and paid with Erin taxes, including garbage collection, transportation, high speed internet and social services.

    We need to take a principled stand on the health and safety of our residents regarding the aggregate pits and downtown traffic.  The risk from traffic and safety issues are unacceptable and we need to take action. 

    Finally we need to do this in a transparent manner by engaging the people of Erin in the process and communicating how and why decisions are made.  We owe that to you.

    Morobins5@gmail.com  MikeRobinsforErinTownCouncil@Facebook.com   www.linkedin.com/in/michaelrobinsca


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    Thank you for the enthusiastic turnout at our AGM where we also welcomed our Mayor Allan Alls, County Councillor Pierre Brianceau,
    Councillor Rob Smith as well as the Vice Chair of the Town’s Economic
    Development Committee, Jamie Cheyne.

    We are pleased to introduce our 2018 Board of Directors:
    Executive Team
    Diane Nelson, Chair
    Chris Bailey, Vice Chair
    Michael Robins, Treasurer

    Caroline Bolduc
    Matt Clough
    Trevor Crystal
    Jacqueline Guagliardi
    Patricia Kastanec
    Chris Narysingh
    Kaitlyn Vickery

    Opportunities will exist for Chamber members to serve on various committees. Check our website often for details!


    Announcement:  County develping a demand-based Ridesharing Transit System

    The County of Wellington is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) has granted $499,950 to the County to develop a demand-based ridesharing transit system that will service all parts of the County. The new system, which is scheduled to launch in April 2019, will utilize a mobile app and a call centre to allow the public to book, pay for, and track trips.

    Additional details on the programme can be found in the attached media release, and at www.wellington.ca/transportation<http://www.wellington.ca/transportation

    Media please contact:

    Jana Burns
    Director of Economic Development
    T 519.837.2600 x 2525









    Today at Queens Park, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and the new PC cabinet were sworn into office. We look forward to working with the PC government to ensure shared prosperity for all. 


    Here is the full list of cabinet ministers:

    • Peter Bethlenfalvy - President of the Treasury Board
    • Raymond Cho - Minister for Seniors and Accessibility
    • Steve Clark - Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing
    • Christine Elliott - Minister of Health and Long-Term Care and Deputy Premier
    • Victor Fedeli - Minister of Finance and Chair of Cabinet
    • Doug Ford - Premier and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs
    • Merrilee Fullerton - Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities
    • Ernie Hardeman - Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
    • Sylvia Jones - Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport
    • Lisa MacLeod - Minister of Children, Community and Social Services and Minister Responsible for Women's Issues
    • Monte McNaughton - Minister of Infrastructure
    • Caroline Mulroney - Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs
    • Rod Phillips - Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks
    • Greg Rickford - Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines, and Minister of Indigenous Affairs
    • Laurie Scott - Minister of Labour
    • Todd Smith - Minister of Government and Consumer Services, and Government House Leader
    • Lisa Thompson - Minister of Education
    • Michael Tibollo - Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services
    • Jim Wilson - Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade
    • John Yakabuski - Minister of Transportation
    • Jeff Yurek - Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry


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  • EWCC Mandate

    The EWCC Mandate from our members

    The EWCC encourages business opportunities in our district, which includes the Town of Erin and the Township of Guelph/Eramosa.

     Our membership has been polled about our future mandate and here are the results of the questionnaire:

     There was unanmous agreement endorsing the EWCC to work with the Town of Erin to improve policies and processes when dealing with local business issues. Development charges, site plan approvals and permits topped the list of issues to be reviewed.

     The goal: To improve the Town of Erin's customer service towards local businesses. 

     Now we have your mandate, we will work for the goal.  If you are interested in contributing your ideas, please contact admin@eastwellingtonchamber.ca