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  • EWCC Municipal Election Survey 2018

    The purpose of this survey is to discover local policy issues that may be impacting the East Wellington business community.
    1. What are the primary benefits of doing business in East Wellington? (select three)
    2. Do you believe that the Town of Erin policies support a dynamic business climate?
    3. Do you believe that Wellington County policies support a dynamic business climate?
    4. How would you describe the municipal tax rates as they apply to business:
    5. Based on the last 12 months, is the economic climate for your business:
    7. From the options below, please select the three most important local and regional priorities to your business?
    8. From the options below, select the three biggest concerns to sustaining your current business level or growing your business:
    9. How important should the following priorities be for our municipal government?
    Very Important Moderately Important Low Importance No Opinion
    Ensuring East Wellington has an educated and qualified workforce
    Creating a competitive, pro-business environment
    Reducing the regulatory burden on businesses
    Ensuring sustainable resources for infrastructure improvements and maintenance
    Improving the quality of life and promoting a healthy lifestyle
    Advancing clean energy / alternative energy initiatives
    11. Less than 47% of eligible voters turned out to cast their ballot in 2014. Do you plan to vote in the 2018 municipal election?
    The following information will only be used for internal purposes of reviewing the data and will not be shared unless in the aggregate.
    13. How would you classify your company or organization?
    15. Total number of employees? (please count 1 part time as .5 employees)
    16. How many years has your company been operating?
    17. Please select the answer that best reflects your current position with the company.
    Please join us for the East Wellington Chamber of Commerce election Debate on Oct 10 and 11. After submitting the survey, click the EWCC logo at the top of the page for more information.